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Hennepin County is experiencing dramatic increases in violent crime, in property crime and in some communities both. The Sheriff’s Office has a duty to relentlessly pursue and arrest criminals who have injured and damaged our communities. As Sheriff, I will focus our agency's efforts on targeting violent crime throughout Hennepin County. I will also leverage the resources of the Sheriff’s Office to support local police departments with community specific issues, so that all residents feel safe in their communities.


The vast majority of the people who enter the criminal justice system are released from custody and return to our communities. As a community, we have a vested interest in providing resources and support to those who could benefit from basic life skills. As Sheriff, I will implement new programs within the Sheriff’s Office that would support people in the basic skills needed to become productive members of society. My programs will focus on substance abuse support, mental health support, and obtaining employment. 




In addition to collaborating with law enforcement agencies on reducing violent crime, I will work with our County Commissioners to ensure the Sheriff’s Office has the resources they need. As Sheriff, I will bring a new level of accountability to our agency, push for needed changes in law enforcement and increase collaboration with neighbors, community leaders, police chiefs, and elected officials to ensure the safety of all Hennepin County residents.


We are at a crossroad now in a profession that is losing men and women that have dedicated so much to protecting and serving. As Sheriff I will make it a priority to recruit the best candidates to become Deputies and will aggressively work to retain the proven brave men and women we currently have in the department.  




Now more than ever we need a leader with experience. We are long overdue for law enforcement professionals to evolve and work to repair relationships with the people we serve. It takes a strong leader to instill the motivation needed to police our communities with confidence, so that we can work together to keep our residents safe. I am that leader. Sheriff’s Offices are unique law enforcement agencies that require specific knowledge to ensure they operate to their fullest potential. Having spent the last 22 years working in law enforcement, I have what it takes to be the authentic Sheriff that Hennepin County needs. 

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